Where did she go? [by: Rosa Montague]

28 September 2012 at 08:42

Last night, after my friend Kyle Byrnes left, and having debated long and hard with myself, (because Friday night is generally my party night, and I have my family with me to join in this evening - don't really like to 'do' alcohol two nights in a row), I eventually decided to go and buy some wine. I've had the most excruciating pain in my ribs since last Friday, along with all the other ascension symptoms many of us are suffering from, and while the energy downloads have been spectacular, I was - overall - very pissed off, and there seemed to be no getting away from it, try as I might! So when all else fails . . . . .

I sat here drinking my wine, not blasting music as usual but rather in quiet reflection and enjoying the solitude - when there was a knock at my door. I answered it and in came a pretty young woman, shortish blonde hair, nice make up, strapless black dress and impossibly high heels - almost the exact opposite to me in appearance lol. She sat with me, drinking brandy and whatever else she brought with her and we talked . . . or she talked, I listened, because I knew she needed me to listen!

I don't know when that situation turned around so that I talked and she listened, but somehow it did - and at some point in the early hours, we decided it was time to call it a night. She was about to leave - but NO WAY was I going to let her do that . . . NO WAY was I going to let her drive that sleek silvery sporty car she had parked at my door after she'd had so much to drink!

I insisted she slept in my bed, and and I took a cushion from the sofa, wrapped myself in a sleeping bag, and did what I've been meaning to do all week in order to try and straighten out my aching bones - I slept on the floor.

I woke up at one point, I was coughing. I needed my olbas and eucalyptus oils from my bedroom, firstly because my coughing was making the pain worse and secondly because I thought it was more likely to disturb her than my sneaking in there! I crept in quietly and picked up the bottles, and could just see the top of her head on my pillow, and I crept out again leaving her undisturbed. I made a hot drink and went back to sleep.

I woke up this morning and pottered around, there was no sign of her and although I was reluctant to disturb her, I had this feeling that she needed to be somewhere, and there were things I had to do. So I again crept quietly into my room, tapping gently on the door first.

My bed was empty . . . actually it was more than that, it looked as though it had never been slept in!! I was disappointed at first that I'd missed her leaving and not had the chance to say goodbye - she must have left and just locked the door and put the keys back through the letterbox. NOT so, the keys were still in the lock - where I left them!

I sat down and puzzled about it, and realized I never got her name, and although she seemed so familiar, I can't tell you who she was or where I knew her from! I can't even remember what we talked about - just that it was all deep and meaningful, and pleasurable, conversation!

Sooo Gorgeous Girl . . . I can only say Thank You!! I know I talked to you about things that usually stay inside my head, I know that I feel tearful but physically better this morning, I know that you helped me in ways I don't yet fully understand - and I'm very grateful to You. You are very welcome in my home - always!

May You ALL be visited by an Angel soon. I can highly recommend it, and You sooo all deserve it

Rosa xx