2012 Summer Solstice

23 June 2012 at 06:07

. . . . for me, and I personally think, all who go there, knowingly, or
unknowingly, the Solstice at Stonehenge, is a pilgrimage. We offer ourselves in
Service, and this year was a glowing example of doing so without our physical
minds and bodies being fully aware of what was happening!

Although we won the battle to be there, they don’t make it easy. Whilst good
natured bus drivers run the shuttle between Salisbury bus and train stations and
the Stones, they have to drop off about 5 minutes walking distance from the
Stone circle, and we are then made to walk along the road to a point where the
footpath ends, cross the dual carriageway, tramp about a mile along the edge of
the fields, cross back over the road, and tramp a mile back through the fields
to the ‘entry’ point, where our bags are searched and we are permitted to walk
up the hill to the Stone Circle. But we get there, with humour and good nature.

Many thousands of people, of every colour, nationality and belief system gather
together in an attitude of tolerance and respect, from all around the world and
for many different reasons to enjoy this Festival. It is a Magical and Joyous
Occasion! If an over enthusiastic teenager – for example – stumbles or falls, we
simply pick them up, without judgment or criticism, make sure they're ok, engage
them in conversation and help them on their way. It is very much about a good
time being had by ALL! About everyone being happy, and being themselves. There
is music, costume, ritual and the whole thing is a Carnival, a tribute to the
Goddess, to the Stones, to the Earth, the Universe and to each other and

Some set up ‘camp’ outside the circle, but I prefer to be in it, right in the
middle, where people connect and greet one another, where many different drums
can be heard along with other instruments all doing their own thing, It is the
most amazing experience, and usually, no matter how cold it is on that hill in
the early hours, next to the Stones is warm and cozy!

I was aware before I even left home, that, given the energy we have been
bombarded with of late, and the resulting negativity forced upwards for release,
the atmosphere might be a little more tense than usual, and sure enough, by
midnight, tempers were fraying, and some were behaving in a less than kindly
manner . . . and getting a less than kindly response. This is not something we
are used to at Stonehenge – not the kind of behavior we want – and for the
umpteenth time as I sat comfortably on one embedded Stone with my feet on
another I got the message . . . . ‘You can do this – You can hold this space’.
So I did. I put my heart and soul into beaming Peace, Love and Light to all
around me, I ‘felt’ for the links to my fellow Lightworkers and asked for
assistance and protection and gradually I felt the atmosphere around us change
to one of calm and laughter again.

So far – so good. Then, sometime after midnight, the Heavens opened and it
poured with rain! And I do mean that, these weren’t showers, this was a deluge!
It came down relentlessly – in torrents, and after sitting there as long as I
could, my body temperature plummeting by the second, I had to get up and walk in
order to try and stop shivering!

There is very little shelter on that hill! As many of us that would fit took
turns in crowding around the few hot food vans for warmth and shelter. At 3am,
with the whole of me drenched right through and feeling decidedly hypothermic I
stood warming my hands on a display counter trying to raise my body temperature
and I was distinctly aware of three thoughts . . . ‘Why’? and . . . ‘if we
weren’t wearing clothes we wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable’, and ‘will we have to
swim back to Salisbury – IF – we survive this bloody cold?!’ because it was sooo
cold, absolutely freezing!

But while our physical bodies cried out for mercy thinking we could take no
more, the greater aspect of ourselves knew the reason we were there. You can’t
leave without a car because the shuttle buses don’t start again till morning,
and anyway most, having persevered to that point didn’t want to miss the sunrise
. . . and so as the sky begain to lighten, we all trudged back up the hill to
join the faithful who had remained inside the circle and the party continued.

And at that point the downpour diminished to a drizzle?!

As dawn came and I focused my attention on all of you not physically there and
all who were, I heard the most amazing thing . . . . the drummers and musicians
who had been playing individually all seemed to ‘sync’, they echoed each other,
they followed each other, they harmonized from different points on the compass
with no visible signs of physical communication – it was the most beautiful

The crowd laughed – and cheered – and partied on as it grew light, dripping and
shivering – they nevertheless welcomed the Sun and paid tribute to their Goddess
and Stonehenge. I was proud and grateful to be there!

It was only when I tried to take photos that I fully understood what I had been
vaguely aware of all night. A cleansing of immense proportions had been
necessary, and regardless of how difficult it was to raise our vibrational
frequency in such miserable conditions we had succeeded in doing just that! We
had instigated the release of negative energy for its transmutation into the
Light – and I was privileged to witness the visible results!

No matter how many times I pointed my phone at the dark blue sky, all that came
out on those photos was brilliant and beautifully colored Light, with dark orbs
floating in it . . . until the last two, and by that time I could see large
strings/strands of black ‘stuff’ floating upwards and then disintegrating –
astounding – beautiful – amazing!!!

The journey back was wet, cold and uncomfortable, but you know what – people
laughed and played as they trudged through the muddy fields back to the bus,
dressed in all manner of makeshift waterproofs made from all kinds of things.
They viewed with much amusement their waterlogged and illegible travel documents
. . . and they shared everything from toiletries to drinking water.

To the people I met on the journey there and back – who in response to a smile
shared their life experiences, I say thank you.

To the gorgeous guy in Salisbury Bus station who, after I starvingly rushed off
to buy a sandwich presented me with a snicker, for’your dessert’. We discussed
our initial surprise and confusion that in 2012 of all years, we weren't blessed
with a beautiful sunrise, but we never got to say goodbye – thank you too!

To everyone there who gave their time, effort, courage and support for the
greater good, and to all of you who met with us on the astral, who dedicated
your meditative powers . . . . thank you, thank you, thank you . . . . You are

Let’s do it again next year?!

I Love You All

Blessed Be!!!

Rosa xxxxx