Stonehenge Summer Solstice [by: Rosa Montague]

In the arms of our Goddess
We rest our case
As merry we meet
Our sisters we greet
Joy and laughter on every face
In the grey summer evening
Our brothers we hold
Safe in our heart
Until we must part
We protect them with wisdom of old
Our Lady she laughs
And she merrily sings
And we join the dance
Together by chance
Or drawn by the Magic she brings
Then we feel them amongst us
These great beings of Light
They bring their own charm
They offer us calm
As we journey into the night
Awestruck are we as we sit with our Stones
And reach out to Love
Those below and above
And the chill of the Dark takes our bones
All Hearts open wide as we wait for the Dawn
Friendships are made
Foundations are laid
For the dreams of a bright summer morn
Excitement builds as we hear the first cry
The crowds cheer
The Sun God draws near
And we look to the Light in the sky
We know we are welcome – we are indeed home
Each one of us fired
By love we've inspired
No matter how far we should roam