Our fascination with the dark side [by: Rosa Montague]

Our curiosity joins the dance
Through every avenue of chance
Leaders to our own despair
But still we crave to visit there
In secret corners of our mind
The explorational urge will find
It's own trajectory
Away from stars and sun we turn
The miracles of light we spurn
Until we loose that zest for life
And fill our days with pain and strife
So every joy becomes a task
We hide our pain and wear a mask
We sigh at dreams so unfulfilled
Vision blinkered, laughter stilled
And life becomes a mockery
Until with every maze explored
In time we can now ill afford
We sit us down to nurse despair
Our world relentlessly unfair
We grieve a life that might have been
The ghouls that weighed us down unseen
Our tortured hearts gush forth our tears
Our tangled minds propel our fears
Existence just a mystery
And when at night we pace the floor
Our pain displayed at every door
And shock waves cause our world to crumble
Every sweet desire to tumble
Thwarted by our need to wake
Our caring soul: So blind are we
We miss what any fool can see
The mess is of our making
For when there's nowhere else to go
And tired limbs are aching so
When willpower runs with each new day
And joy escapes along the way
We must not look to foe or friend
For aid towards our struggles end
In swirling chaos, depth of night
We must look up and find the Light
It's ours for the taking
Rosa Montague