The Magic of Herbs - Sage

I thought our first discussion on this page should be about something we can all relate to and something that gives plenty of scope to share useful and entertaining knowledge and expertise. This is a subject I'm always eager to learn more about and every scrap of information acquired is invaluable!

There surely can't be anyone out there by now unaware of the ability of these marvelous plants to enhance culinary experience, but herbs have many, many uses and I'm hoping that if I start with one of my all time favorites, you will all add your knowledge, ideas, thoughts and recipes for the benefit of all, so I'm going to start with SAGE!

I love this one. I grew up with Sage and Onion Stuffing but in the days when I cooked red meat for my family, I used to prepare pork chops for example, with fresh or dried Sage and onion. A Herbal 'Bible' of mine - contains wonderful recipes such as 'Hazelnut and Sage Pate', and 'Leek and Sage Croustade', (let me know if you want the recipes?), amongst many others.

You may also scatter the flowers in salads or infuse for a light balsamic tea. The leaves aid digestion, are antiseptic, anti-fungal and contain oestrogen. They can be beneficial to digestive disorders and sage tea and wine are nerve and blood tonics. Sage tea can also treat coughs and colds, reduce excess sweating and assist with menstrual and menopausal problems. And used with other herbs is a powerful stress buster!

Cosmetically it can make an astringent, hair dye and is a component in a 'healthy hair rinse', so can do away with a lot of those expensive chemical based preparations! 

It is a powerful insect repellent.

Magically, Sage is ruled by Jupiter, its Element is Air. Use it for protection, to banish negativity, to cleanse your sacred space and your energy field. It can be used to attract money and to make a wish come true. . and I could go on. . and on.

But I think I'll just quote the ancient Chinese Proverb -
"How can a man grow old who has Sage in his garden?" or for that matter . . as all Witches know - a woman?

Now send me your thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you?

Love & Light

Rosa Montague