Magic Moments [by: Rosa Montague]

A vision of warmth creeps into the mind
An illusion of comfort lightens the load
A softening of eyes to which others are blind
The warmth of a smile, a message in code
A questioning look, a touch of the hand
A certain aroma, a sense of delight
A feeling of time trickling like sand
To live days and weeks for just the sight
Of a certain physique, the sound of a voice
The painful thud of the heart when the telephone rings
To be needed, wanted, to have always that choice
To lie entwined, arms encircled, so that the body sings
Cries out in ecstasy, acknowledging its need
Desire sated, contented, aching heart fulfilled
To take again and again, to delight in the greed
Of a joining of souls and all painful thoughts stilled
A meeting of minds and a burning desire
To be cherished, caressed, and to bask in the glory
Of travelling through time, the whole being on fire
Is not right or wrong, but simply loves story.

By Rosa Montague

Published in “A Lasting Calm”, (International Library of Poetry, 1997)