May there always be Justice in Your World [by: Rosa Montague]

May there always be Justice in Your World
So that You understand the need to ensure Justice in Everyone Else's
May You never know hunger
So that You know how vital it is to ensure that Everyone on this Planet is fed
May You never be homeless
So that it is for You unacceptable that Anyone should be without Kind and Loving shelter
May You never be cold/alone/thirsty
So that You realize that ALL Fellow Creatures and ALL People deserve to be Cared for
May You always have enough of what You need
So that You will not stand by and allow Others to live a life of deprivation
May your Home and Community never be ripped apart by war and Your Loved Ones hurt or killed by it
So that You Understand the need for Peace

But better still try to understand that these things ARE happening – even if they're not happening to YOU

And We have closed Our Eyes and turned away – We have allowed it to continue

If you can feel that – and it hurts You – then YOU can help stop it!