Just a thought [by: Rosa Montague]

Religion has been a vital and indispensable part of our evolution. There is no longer any excuse for using - or allowing it to be used as a means of control - a reason for war - for the use of weapons of mass destruction - or as an explanation for acts of violence.

Within every doctrine, for it's sincere followers and thinking truth seekers lies beauty and wisdom, it is an essential part of their trajectory - their route to their perfect home.

For those who have found within their own belief system a state of bliss - it becomes freedom.

To take any such belief and use it to pressurize others is an imposition.

To take any such belief and demand allegiance to it from others is an insult to the integrity of it's innocent pioneers, discoverers and explorers.

To threaten doom to it's none subscribers is an unrecognised expression of personal insecurity and denotes a tendency towards a desire to control and therefore exploit.

To attempt to use it to cause in any way harm - is a most heinous crime against planetary progression.

But to discover such a Divine Path and want in sincere honesty, humility and compassion to share it with willing listeners and watchers - secure in the knowledge that those who wish to see and hear with freedom - will do so, is surely a most blessed way to shine forth light for the all encompassing good of humanity!

by Rosa Montague