What is it all about?

You may well ask, because there are as many theories out there as there are folk to channel messages!

If you’re familiar with the concept and you’ve developed your own understanding – I don’t want to preach to the converted, but if you’re feeling confused, maybe even a little afraid or just curious – then perhaps I can give you a few pointers.

Understand though that this is all I aim to do here: 

For two reasons:

One – that it is impossible to find space here to cover every angle of such an immense and controversial topic

Two – again it is up to YOU, the Ascension and the Ascension process means many things to many different people and it is absolutely vital that you do your own research. Retain only what resonates with you and discard the rest. As you explore you will develop the power of discernment. . but the best thing you can do in between reading blogs, articles and any literature is to GO WITHIN! Meditate. If you haven’t done this before PLEASE LEARN! There are sooo many different techniques that you may choose from, but until you find one that feels special to You, just sitting or lying comfortably with your eyes closed and breathing deeply and slowly will get you where you need to be.

Ask Your Guides and Angels for Protection . . . ask them any questions You want to, and ask for help when You need it! Remember that they must respect Your Free Will – they cannot intervene unless You ask them too?

Sooo – what is 2012 all about?

Whilst I will try to maintain a little impartiality here, honesty compels me to also give you my opinion, for all kinds of reasons. For example, I can tell You what 2012 certainly is not – it is NOT the ‘end of the World’, although some poor unfortunates are convinced that this is what the Mayan Calendar predicts! Not so I assure You – this Planet is transforming in the most Beautiful way imaginable! This is far from THE END – this is a Joyful and Magical Beginning!!

Scientists are now producing ‘evidence’ that we are approaching the Galactic Center, the Photon Belt. They are also producing evidence that THOUGHTS are ENERGY, tangible things that can be measured and that affect all around us and way beyond.

We in the ‘Lightworker’ Community, (and that is most easily described as anyone who CARES about Earth and all Inhabitants and wants change for the better), but to be more specific, those of who have developed AWARENESS of these phenomena, have known this for some time!

Most of us believe that we have incarnated on this Planet time after time, and in THIS Lifetime, we are here to assist with the Ascension Process. We are here to help Humanity WAKE UP! We are done with wars, corporate control and greed, poisoning ourselves and our environment. . etc. etc. etc. . . . . 

The only way to get there has been to collectively raise the Vibration of the whole Planet, because Gaia herself is Ascending, and by focused intention, gently wake up each and every Soul here with Love, Kindness and Compassion – but still each in their own time – each in their own way!

We see it all unfolding perfectly . . the Conspiracy Theorists such as David Wilcock and David Icke, (You can Google them if You haven’t already),  who served tirelessly to alert us to the possibility that all was not well – that we have been manipulated and controlled for Eons and that life really doesn’t have to be that way. The OCCUPY movement . . that got so many millions out of their chairs and away from the TV to come together and emphatically say, “NO – NO MORE – not on our watch . . . WE have had enough!!”

 It is late in the day; you may agree or disagree with the actions and opinions of those above, but for me . . it doesn’t matter so much in these final hours, because it has all been part of our Evolution – and we’re on the home stretch, the finishing line is in sight!!

You may feel the need to investigate any or all of this, if for no other reason than You are experiencing Ascension Symptoms, i.e., life changes as in career, home, financial status, relationships, perhaps sudden and unexpected. Physical Symptoms related to limbs, digestive system, ears, nose and throat are very common – and oh boy! As You learn to detach – consciously or unconsciously from the material world and Your comfort zone – You can easily be unwittingly thrown into the emotional roller coaster ride of Your Life! Try to relax, and try – instead of worrying – to go with the flow and seek out people and information that will help You instead of making You feel judged!

Because You can rest assured that there will also be moments of PROFOUND Joy, Truth and Realization . . that inner KNOWING that YOU are an essential part of it all – that we are indeed ALL ONE, all part of Creation, the Collective Consciousness, the ‘DIVINE’. . and that it will all be – not just ok – but Amazing beyond our current comprehension! Together, with all Our Brothers and Sisters, We are headed for the Golden Age of New Earth!!!

Let’s put it another way – WE . . are in the process of Co-Creating ‘Heaven’ here on Earth, You won’t have to ‘die’ to get there . . You take Your body with You. You get OFF the Karmic Wheel, off the treadmill of Life and experience Pure Joy – on 5D Earth, in Your own body!

Below are a selection of links I hope will help You understand and begin Your personal Journey towards the Light. . 

There is True Magic in the air . . . Come and Play

With so much Love,
Rosa xx

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