Merry Meet!

Ok then hands up - who wants to go to Hogwarts?

Joanna Rowling did Humanity a huge service – she opened the minds of people, particularly children to the POSSIBILITY of Magic, (or is that the Magic of possibility?), minds that had been conditioned over centuries to either condemn it, dismiss it or denounce it as ‘evil’!

We may have stopped burning Witches at the stake in the West, but they still burned Harry Potter in the Philippines and they still set fire to Witches or cast them out of Society in Africa!

So what’s it really all about?

Every Community, in days gone by had its Wise Women and Men, Healers, Seers and Prophets. They go by countless names, Druids, Medicine Men, Witch Doctors, but all followed a path of Enlightenment, all sought a deeper understanding and knowledge of the World we inhabit . . . all served their Communities by offering wisdom, guidance and healing, all those with integrity that is.

The difference in the methods used by all who seek to understand and utilize a deeper understanding than is available to us through our everyday eyes looking at our everyday world is really irrelevant – in other words it matters not HOW we get there, just that we do . . .

Each and every one of us has the ability to ‘tune in’ to a greater or lesser degree. When folk ask me how I do what I do, (especially Telephone Readings), I tell them that you simply have to accept the concept that we are connected to every other living thing in the Universe, then it’s not so difficult to understand! There is a Wealth of information and help at our finger tips if only we choose to access it. As for ability – think of Artists: Some are born with a great gift, some develop an interest early in life, some later, some don’t try at all because they think they can’t – but access to the Angelic/Spiritual/Inner/Magical Realms is denied to none, the infinite knowledge of the Collective Consciousness and the power of Divine or Source Energy is there for ALL. None who have ability can or should take ‘ownership’ to the exclusion of others, so don’t be deceived into believing that you can’t learn to do these things for yourself . . . you can, and it’s fun. The Tarot, Crystals, Runes, Spells and Rituals etc. are simply tools of Divination. These things and many others are the means by which we contact our ‘Higher Selves’ and the Beings whose assistance we seek.

Some people work within the Christian Spiritual Movement, some people Buddhism . . . and on and on, there are many, many ways to evolve Spiritually, but on this page I’m drawing attention to Wicca or Paganism, but I’m not at this point getting into the differences and similarities concerning those two titles. Let’s just use the term ‘Witchcraft’, or better still for me personally, ‘Walkers in the Old Ways’!

And if this is a subject you are just beginning to take an interest in, before you rush out and buy a Wand and Cauldron – let me suggest that you consider this path in the first instance as a way of life . . . a way of living? If it is your wish to dedicate yourself to the Earth Goddess or Gaia, (but She is known by so many names!), you need first of all to tune in to HER! That means turning off TV’s and Computers and getting out of the concrete jungle and getting close to Nature. You need to FEEL the rhythm of the arth, take note of her Cycles and moods and go with the flow of the Seasons. It is too easy in the Societies in which we live, especially in the West to become disconnected, and when we are disconnected from Nature, we are disconnected from ourselves and all that makes us feel well and in balance. There is no better balm for a troubled soul, an aching heart or a world weary body than a walk by the sea, in the woods or in the park. The Ocean is the biggest pool of ‘Holy Water’ and Trees are our Friends, silent Sentinels who perform unfathomable service to all inhabitants of this Beautiful Planet who stand eager to converse with us, teach us and heal us if we will only give them the opportunity. All Living things on Earth are our Brothers and sisters, so treat them as such, with Love, Respect and Consideration. They are all part of this Amazing ‘Eco System’ and each has a specific role to play. It all works – because, (without our interference), it works together..

You will want to observe the Moon Cycles. Each phase of the Moon is important, each New Moon and Full Moon a reason for Celebration and Ritual if you wish it to be. Take note of the effect these have on your physical body? Keep a Diary and note how you feel for example at the time of the Full Moon. The Sabbats, Equinoxes are an even bigger reason to celebrate for they mark the passing of the Seasons, these are transitional times. Beltane or May Day, the Crowning of the May Queen and dancing round the May Pole had special significance. These activities were centered around the union of couples and fertility. The dedications made were for the purpose of ensuring healthy growth in Summer resulting in good harvests. Samhain or All Hallows Eve/Halloween, was actually the Celtic Year End, when fires were lit from great Oak branches inside and out, and people wore their clothes inside out and
blackened their faces with soot in order to disguise themselves from evil spirits – a time when the veils between the worlds is thinner and we welcome our ancestors and our unborn children and greet them with feasting and merriment.

There are countless symbolic rituals, and they are as much fun now as they ever were, but just as importantly they encourage us to attune ourselves to Nature. Why ‘Spring Clean’ your house and redecorate before Christmas . . . why was it called ‘Spring Cleaning? Because after months of being indoors, Springtime is a time to throw the doors and windows wide open and de clutter, to breathe fresh air again! Winter, on the other hand is a time of reflection, you have gathered in the Harvest, (either physically or metaphorically), and it is time to mull over quietly the projects you undertook and decide which to keep and which to throw away, and to review the lessons learned from the years’ work.

Make one of your goals as you start your Journey to learn about Herbs and Plants and the food you eat. Mother Nature provides us with everything we need, so many plants are ‘Power Foods’, Natural Sources of ‘Feel Good’ Energy, but they work better fresh than they do out of tins and packets with lots of additives! Herbs have astounding medicinal properties and its well worth considering them as agents to work with your body’s natural healing ability as an alternative to feeding it things that assault it! Herbs also have Magical uses, such as Sage for protection, and there are associations between Herbs, Crystals and Planets that you can learn about and make use of.

This is a Path that takes dedication and patience, but that gains you entry to a whole new exciting world!

You may decide to work as part of a group or ‘Coven’, or you may prefer to work on your own, either way is fine.

So just before you rush off in search of Daigon Alley again, here’s a very simple Spell or Ritual for you to try, and I must add here that I don’t sell them – because I resolutely believe that they are not ‘things to be sold’, every individual should make their own. The success depends not in perfection of performance but rather on the intention behind it. If you are sincere – you WILL be heard!

Find a place in your home that you can dedicate to this work, just a small quiet corner with a small table will do to start with. Decorate it with maybe a nice cloth, possibly Sea Shells, Crystals or whatever you feel is right, perhaps a plant? Find a quiet, undisturbed time and Light a Candle, (you could anoint it with a few drops of Essential Oil). Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, breathe deeply and begin by asking your Guides/Angels to protect you throughout your work. Then tell the Goddess that you wish to speak to her. Tell her that you wish to learn more about working with her for the benefit of all Earth inhabitants and for yourself. Ask her to show you the way, to give you a sign that she has heard you, and thank her for listening. Thank your Guides/Angels for taking care of you. Sit quietly for a while in meditation, you may get some answers straightaway, but if you don’t, don’t worry – you have asked and you have been heard – they will come! Maybe from another person you unexpectedly ‘meet’, or from a book or a website that you’re drawn too, you just need to have a little patience and open mindedness.

Finally, because there is much more I could say but it really is best for you to do your own research – there are very few rules to this practice, there are many ways of doing things and performing Spells and Rituals, but my belief is that you do what ‘feels’ right for you and you can never be wrong.

The one Golden – All Imprtant – Rule:

“Bide the Wiccan Rede Ye Must
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
These Eight Words Ye Must Fulfill –
And it Harm None, Do What Thou Will”

Wishing You a Sacred, Light Filled and Magical Adventure

Blessed Be!

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