St Mary's Lighthouse, North East England, UK

With the help of my dedicated
Webmaster Kyle Byrnes, I hope to make this Site a Magical Wonderland that will
lead you to a new discovery on every visit!

Every corner of it will be frequently
refreshed in order to provide you with something interesting and or useful.

As always there is a place for You to
book a consultation with Me, complete with contact details and Paypal button

There are also links to Sites that:

Will lead you to things you may want
to buy, made by people who are Creative and whose work deserves to be noticed

Are Home to People whose work I
admire, respect and support

Promote awareness of Community and

I feel are making tremendous efforts
to lead Humanity forward in a way that benefits us all

Provide Contact details that may be
useful for anyone suffering from difficulties that everyday living can present
any of us with at any time.

There are sections dedicated to Home
Remedies, Use of Herbs and tips for easier Living

We have a Special Corner for those
newcomers to the Spiritual/Esoteric to explore the Magical Realms if they so

We have a Special Space dedicated to
the Ascension and what 2012 may mean for all of us

And we have a place for you to
contribute your own articles, leave your comments and make suggestions.

I hope you will stay awhile . . . and
I hope you enjoy your time here and that you come back soon

Until We meet again . . .

Peace, Love, Light and Magical Blessings

Rosa Montague

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